Coronavirus: ‘Rescue Packs’ – An Important Message to Patients

Dear patient,

We are aware of misinformation circulating on social media regarding the issuing of ‘rescue packs’ for those patients with pre-existing respiratory conditions such as COPD or asthma.

We will NOT be issuing any rescue packs to new patients during this crisis. If anyone has potential coronavirus, if they are unwell enough to require antibiotics they will need to be assessed appropriately (online, on the phone and if required face to face). For this reason it is NOT SAFE for us to issue new patients with medication “just in case” you fall unwell. Additionally, we will not be supplying double quantities of inhalers as this will cause stock supply shortages.

We can’t give you an inhaler even though you had one 5 years ago when you had a bad cough or because you had a childhood asthma when you were 8 – just in case- we know it is scary but lots of people really need these inhalers and if you get one just in case they might not be able to get one that they really need. If you think you have asthma related symptoms please complete an e-consult informing of your symptoms in details so that we can evaluate them and review them.

Many Thanks

Royal Arsenal Medical Centre